Beyond Emancipation

Coaching to Support Life Beyond Emancipation

Cover_Final_Letter-232x300In 2010 B:E began incorporating coaching as a strategy to support young people to successfully transition to adulthood and live healthy, connected and productive lives. We are excited to share an evaluation of our innovative coaching model – Coaching to Support Life Beyond Emancipation. Our coaching framework offers a multifaceted direct service approach that incorporates coaching, permanency, youth development and crisis management.

Latrenda Leslie, former client
“B:E has been a huge support to me during my transition to adulthood. B:E is truly an organization that provides wholehearted services and cares about those that they serve. I began receiving services at the age of 18 and I continue receiving services at the age of 22. Over the years, I have become blown away with how B:E operates as an organization that exceeds expectations of other programs I have come into contact with as a former foster youth.” Read more…


Shanina Shumate, staff
“Coaching allows young people to own their own walk or journey. We are here to facilitate and process their journey. It’s the most beautiful thing when a client owns their journey, even the mistakes.” Read more…