Beyond Emancipation

Our Approach

B:E uses an innovative coaching approach, Creative, Connected, Resourceful, Whole (CCRW) throughout all our services that empowers youth, helps them build inner resiliency and create lasting community connections. Long after they’ve left B:E youth can continue to be successful.


An independent evaluation has shown that B:E’s coaching approach:

  • Improves young people’s confidence & ability to express themselves
  • Increases their capacity to handle their emotions & address conflicts
  • Improves their ability to articulate their goals & achieve those goals
  • Increases their ability to establish trusting relationships with their peers & adults

By strengthening these qualities and skills, CCRW equips young people with the critical skills and relationships that are the foundation of a healthy transition to adulthood. Learn more about our Core Coaching Strategies »


Crisis-Informed Coaching


Conscious Relationship Coaching


Group/Cohort Coaching


1-on-1 Traditional Coaching