Beyond Emancipation


RashawnCamera-small At just 22, Rashawn Moore has a sparkling resume.

In his New Beginnings internship at the Alameda County Education and Training Center, Rashawn used his love of digital design to create an internet logo for the center’s online courses, and organized their archive gallery “from A to Z.”

“That job was super fun and helpful,” Rashawn says. “It sparked a motivation to do different things in my life and built my professionalism.”

He found B:E’s coaching model, which he describes as being like “a conversation,” to be a great catalyst for pursuing his goals. “I liked the fact that it was mainly about my goals rather than what I should do,” he says.
“It allowed me to think about what I wanted to get done in the next three to six months.”

After completing New Beginnings, Rashawn was hired by B:E as a program assistant for the program. In his new role, he helped youth build their job skills while honing his own facilitation and communication skills.

rashawn-small He also enjoyed writing a newsletter to showcase the good things happening in the program. When New Beginnings ended, Rashawn joined B:E’s Elevate program, where he learned culinary skills at Town Kitchen.

Now a Youth Advocate at WestCoast Children’s Clinic, Rashawn motivates foster and probation youth by telling them: “You’re going to get knocked down but you have to stay positive with yourself and know where you’re going. Don’t forget that vision.”

Outside of work, Rashawn loves to do photography (in fact, B:E has hired him to take photos at many of our events), try out new restaurants, and help his 85 year-old great-grandmother, who was his guardian as he was growing up. “She’s amazing,” Rashawn says. “She took care of me and all my brothers and sisters. She was always there for us.”

Rashawn plans soon to go back to college to study international business and psychology. “I have that focus,” he says, “to finish strong.”