Beyond Emancipation

Nyame: On the Way to Her Dream

When she walks across the stage at Laney College this month, Nyame will be one big step closer to realizing her dream to own her own hair salon. Nyame, 23, will have an AA in cosmetology and business management to hang on her salon wall.

Shanina, Senior b2b Coordinator with Nayme at the 2017 b2b Celebration.

Shanina, Senior b2b Coordinator with Nayme at the 2017 b2b Celebration.

“I’ve always had a passion for doing hair, even when I was a little girl,” says Nyame.

After graduating from El Cerrito High, Nyame went straight to Laney College ready to study for her dream job. Although she knew exactly what she wanted to do, she says she wasn’t prepared for the stumbling blocks that appeared in her path like transportation falling through and the high cost of school supplies.

In the nick of time, Nyame found B:E’s b2b program, and was relieved to know there was someone she could call when the going got tough. Nyame says Shanina Shumate, b2b Program Coordinator, supported her all the way.

“At times I wanted to give up and drop all my classes because I would get behind,” says Nyame. “But when I got discouraged, Shanina always encouraged me. She was always there to help me by getting me a tutor or helping me with transportation.”

In fact, says Nyame, “B2b helps with everything. Anything I need help with, they’re there. They even helped me find my first place.”

Nyame had the drive and desire to do well in her classes, and with B:E’s support, she overcame every obstacle in her path.

To other youth pursuing higher education after experiencing foster care, Nyame says: “Never give up because you might be closer to your goals than you think. B2b will give you that extra push so you don’t have to worry about the small things. You just have to worry about going to class.”

Now that she has her college degree in hand, Nyame is ready to expand her clientele at the salon where she works, and one day, have her own.

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