Beyond Emancipation

2013 Champion, Vocal: Alearria

alearria_photostrip alearria Strong! Soulful! Talented! The quintessential picture of resilience! Alearria’s first language was singing. Before she could properly put a sentence together, she could hold a note. As a child she sung in a choir at her church and that ventured over into her teenage years where she performed at school. Due to her speech impediment, the songstress had a difficult time with expressing herself in her early years, but now, the strength of her voice demands attention.

Alearria Blunt was born and raised in the city of Oakland, CA. After moving around the Bay Area to multiple placements, the songstress used music to cope and express herself. Inspired by Lauren Hill and Stevie Wonder, Alearria wishes to bring happiness to people with her voice. So determined to accomplish her goals, she returned to Beyond Idol for a second time with her music teacher of 3 years, Brian. Alearria is currently involved in a day program, working in the community and blessing others with her voice.