2013 Champion, Rap: D-Skrilla

d-skrilla_photostrip d-skrilla A true student to the game, D Skrilla, at 16 began his rap career by freestyling with friends. By 19, he would then begin to write and truly study music. Rapping came easy to the MC as every lyric; every verse came from a place that’s familiar to him. Forever symbolizing the struggle, the versatile rapper, without fabrication, uses rap as a platform to grow emotionally. D-Skrilla’s appropriate use of intellect, diction and word connotations makes this MC a natural lyricist and storyteller.

Born David Marina, in Southern California, D Skrilla, then moved to the Bay Area when he was 2 years old. Since the move, the rapper has made the Bay Area his home. Inspired by not wanting to “sell out” the young MC creates music about the brutal reality facing young men and women today. Truthful and talented, D SKrilla has performed throughout the Bay Area at community events, offering his gifts to those who’d listen. Comfortable with rap and his abilities, the MC continues to apply new strategies to perfect his craft as he, along with Dynasty Ent. plans to offer substance to a genre that at times feels like there is none.