2013 Champion: Drake

drake_photostrip drake For the past 3 + years, Drake has been entertaining and educating Bay Area commuters through his lyrics and the use of his guitar. Using various BART stations as a stage, the young musician has performed in front of thousands. Additionally, Drake has also performed at weddings, the Alameda County teacher of the year award ceremony and the anniversary celebration for the Assessment Center. Learning to play from his uncle at the age of 10 while in Manhattan, Drake’s passion for music continues to reach the masses.

Though born in the Nation’s capital, Washington, D.C, Drake was California raised. Living in the majority of California’s counties from Los Angeles to the Bay, from foster placement to foster placement, the musician now uses his past circumstance to “spread the word about foster care.” Drake spreads the message and quite successfully, but not most times without the help from a trusty friend and band member, Mikeal. Drake and Mikeal formed Zone, the band, about 4 years ago.” Doing what you have to do to have a better tomorrow,” a principle unfailingly practiced by Drake, he’s settling into AB12 and has become an active member of CYC (California Youth Connection).