Beyond Emancipation

Marie Brady


Marie Brady

“It’s so easy to do,” says donor Marie Brady, describing the beautiful gift baskets she and her friends assemble for B:E youth. Thanks to Marie, dozens of youth have received Welcome Baskets upon arrival in our housing programs, and she is preparing her second round of Mother’s Day baskets to be delivered in May. When she first learned about B:E, Marie put the word out to her friends on Facebook, and “it really touched a nerve in the community—that these children are doing without some things we take for granted.” The bounty in each basket varies depending on what Marie and friends gather up— from bath towels to jewelry to manicure kits.

“I just hope these teens and young adults feel that they are supported by people outside B:E,” Marie says. “Sometimes that makes a difference in moving in a positive direction or not– just knowing their community supports them.”