Beyond Emancipation

Danville Church

Several members of Danville Congregational Church (DCC) responded to a request by B:E to help design and equip a playroom for the parenting community house in Oakland.

After painting the room sunny yellow, the DCC team added a new denim couch, a set of colorful chairs and table, a bright green rug with places on which to steer cars and trucks, and bright bins for storing toys.

In a month or so, these same folks plan to start a toy drive for gently used and new toys and books to finish equipping the playroom.

“It was a delightful experience to see the playroom take shape,” said Diane Stein, B:E Supporter & DCC Member. “We enjoyed having very young ‘volunteers’ living in the home—who gave advice but really wanted to help paint—and then see these same young children climb on the couch to read books or speed their cars around the rug.”

B:E is very grateful for the new playroom and residents enjoy having a bright new playful spot to hang out in. B:E provides housing for former/current foster and probation youth ages 18-24