Beyond Emancipation

10 STEPS to Creating a Successful Facebook Fundraiser for Beyond Emancipation:

  1. Go to this link: and click the “Raise Money” button.
  2. Set a goal that you think is a stretch but attainable within 2-3 weeks. Shorter fundraisers have the most momentum and success on Facebook.
  3. Title your fundraiser, for example: “Support Foster Youth during COVID-19” or “My birthday fundraiser for foster youth.” By default, underneath the title, it will say “Fundraiser for Beyond Emancipation by [YOUR NAME].”
  4. Explain why you are raising money.
  • In a few sentences make a personal appeal to your friends. Why is B:E important to you? What impact does B:E have in the community? How will their donations make a difference? Think about expressing impact and urgency.
  • Please insert B:E’s mission too:

For the last 25 years, young people with experience in foster care have turned to Beyond Emancipation (B:E). B:E’s mission is to support Alameda County’s current and former foster and probation youth to make successful transitions to adulthood and living independently.

  1. Pick a cover photo. You can select one of the photos from B:E’s Facebook page.
  2. Create your fundraiser! Once live, invite all of your Facebook friends to your fundraiser and email those who aren’t on FB. If you’re able, please give your friends a matching challenge (“I’ll match all donations received this week/before a specific date, up to an amount, etc).
  3. SHARE!! You can share your fundraiser on your timeline, on a friend’s timeline, or in a group to spread the word! Remember that you’ll have to keep sharing to have the best chance of showing up on friends’ feeds.
  4. KEEP IT UP! Make a post to your fundraiser page every single day or at least every few days. You can share content, videos, images from B:E’s Facebook feed, and be consistent in asking. Remember that people give to people, and if you continue to ask and update friends, they’ll see your passion and be far more willing to give.
  5. Update! You are the CEO of your fundraiser (Chief of Enthusiasm and Optimism), and people are looking to help and to engage with positive and aspirational friends and organizations. Keep up the momentum by letting friends know how the fundraiser is going (“More than half way to our goal/Five days left and $ to go!”).
  6. Thank everyone. Every FB user will get an email receipt for their gift, but many will not see it and think they weren’t thanked. You should send a personal thank you, at least on FB, for every gift.

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If you have any questions, please ask Sophia –