Beyond Emancipation

Staff Directory

Hugo Amaya

Transitions Manager

E: hamaya@alamedacountyilp.org

P: 408-444-6658

Sonia Beri

Human Resources & Operations Manager

E: sberi@beyondemancipation.org

P: 510-214-6293

Chontae Burks


E: cburks@alamedacountyilp.org

P: 510-667-7696

Pamela Brown

Housing Voucher Program Coordinator

E: pbrown@beyondemancipation.org

P: 510-775-3109

Zion Cobb

Education and Career Coach | Case Manager

E: zcobb@beyondemancipation.org

P: 510-951-0576

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Kenya Davis

Housing Assistant Manager

E: kdavis@beyondemancipation.org

P: 510-882-0547

Jenni Fick

Impact and Strategic Initiatives Director

E: jfick@beyondemancipation.org

P: 510-854-6293

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Dina Gibson

Interim Director of HR & Operations

E: DGibson@beyondemancipation.org

La’Cole Martin

Education & Career Manager

E: lcmartin@beyondemancipation.org

P: 510-560-4502

Deyanira Gutierrez

Development Associate

E: dgutierrez@beyondemancipation.org

P: 510-241-7172

Teshika Hatch

Transitions Director

E: thatch@alamedacountyilp.org

P: 510-545-2522

Ebony Hebert

Executive Assistant / Office Administrator

E: ehebert@beyondemancipation.org

P: 510-650-5898

James Hernandez

Transitions Coach/ Case Manager

E: jhernandez@alamedacountyilp.org

P: 510-410-5869

Sheron Johnson

FYI Housing Coordinator

E: sjohnson@beyondemancipation.org

P: 510-407-2601

Dave Leimsieder

Interim Executive Director

E: dleimsieder@beyondemancipation.org

Doris Lewis

Community Housing Coordinator

E: dlewis@beyondemancipation.org

P: 510-688-0761

James Keovilayphone

ILP Coaching Manager

E: jnguyen@alamedacountyilp.org

P: 513-494-6065

Julia Lakes

Director of Development

E: jlakes@beyondemancipation.org

P: 415-686-7544

La'Shea Martin

Intake Coordinator

E: lmartin@beyondemancipation.org

P: 510-908-8757

Ixchel Mayorga

Education and Career Coach | Case Manager

E: imayorga@beyondemancipation.org

P: 510-213-4072

Felicita Ocampo-Pedroza

Data and Evaluation Specialist

E: fpedroza@beyondemancipation.org

P: 510-667-7696

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Monica Peyton

ILP Coach/Case Manager

E: mpeyton@alamedacountyilp.org

P: 510-775-3488

Kat Preston

Development Manager

E: kpreston@beyondemancipation.org

P: 510-667-7696

Maida Quintero Medrano

Education and Career Coach | Case Manager

E: mmedrano@beyondemancipation.org

P: 510-410-6170

Eugenia Robinson

ILP Coach/Case Manager

E: erobinson@alamedacountyilp.org

P: 510-736-6145

Martha Lopez Rosas

ILP Coach/Case Manager

E: mlopezrosas@alamedacountyilp.org

P: 510-301-0786

Kelsey Sanchez

ILP Coordinator

E: ksanchez@alamedacountyilp.org

P: 510-667-7696

Leila Sotto

Program Operations Coordinator

E: lsotto@beyondemancipation.org

P: 650-600-1362

Dwana Timms

Post-Secondary Education & Career Coach/Case Manager

E: dtimms@beyondemancipation.org

P: 510-227-0378

Elizabeth Villagomez

ILP Coach | Case Manager

E: evillagomez@alamedacountyilp.org

P: 510-556-4463

Lakita Williams

Host Housing Coordinator

E: lwilliams@beyondemancipation.org

P: 510-736-7181

Shaheda Wright

FUP Housing Coordinator

E: swright@beyondemancipation.org

P: 510-667-7637

Sema'J Wyatt

Housing Navigator Coach | Case Manager

E: swyatt@beyondemancipation.org

P: 510-882-3692

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