Beyond Emancipation

LOMO WORKSHOPS (Formerly SILP Readiness)

Who Qualifies?

Current foster youth who are preparing to or are already actively participating in AB12 and chose to live in a SILP. Download Flyer »

How do they get to participate?

SW/CWW can refer youth who meet our qualifications to our program by completing a referral form. Referral forms are available at ILSP office or by contacting Angely Miranda. Now Accepting Applications, Download Now »

What are the benefits of participating in LOMO Sessions?

Youth will get to work one on one with a case manager/coach and get individualized support to ensure a successful SILP placement. Youth will get to participate in individualized and specialized informational workshops with other youth to further develop the skills they need to attain sustainability & permanency.

B:E is partnering with Alameda County Social Services to support successful Supervised Independent Living Placements (SILP) for Non Minor Dependents (NMD) and offer them a range of resources and opportunities to build the skills and relationships essential for independent living.

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Believing in a young person can make all the difference. Every one of us can contribute to the quality and health of our communities by supporting young people from foster care as they become adults. Make a difference in young people's lives.

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