Beyond Emancipation

LOMO WORKSHOPS (Formerly SILP Readiness)

Who Qualifies?

Current foster youth who are preparing to or are already actively participating in AB12 and chose to live in a SILP. Download Flyer »

How do they get to participate?

SW/CWW can refer youth who meet our qualifications to our program by completing a referral form. Referral forms are available at ILSP office or by contacting Angely Miranda. Now Accepting Applications, Download Now »

What are the benefits of participating in LOMO Sessions?

Youth will get to work one on one with a case manager/coach and get individualized support to ensure a successful SILP placement. Youth will get to participate in individualized and specialized informational workshops with other youth to further develop the skills they need to attain sustainability & permanency.

For more information:
Angely Miranda
Transition Services Coordinator
(510) 667-7643

B:E is partnering with Alameda County Social Services to support successful Supervised Independent Living Placements (SILP) for Non Minor Dependents (NMD) and offer them a range of resources and opportunities to build the skills and relationships essential for independent living.

Request for B:E SILP Program Participation

Request for SILP Service

Non Minor Dependent (NMD) Information

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Request for SILP Service Form (PDF) »

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We provide space for youth to build capacity, expand possibilities and achieve success in five core areas: housing, education, employment, permanency and wellness. And with your support, we can accomplish much more.

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