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Transition Services

Are you a current/former foster or probation placement youth from Alameda County? If you were in placement after the age of 16, and are currently under the age of 21, you could qualify for support with a Transition Specialist at Beyond Emancipation (B:E).

Crisis Informed Coaching & Case Management

What excites you about your goals?

Crisis-informed coaching supports clients who have experienced trauma to stabilize, while simultaneously supporting them to move from surviving to thriving. This unique approach addresses clients presenting crisis, focuses on immediate solutions, and supports them to begin long-term goal-setting.

What does a Transition Specialist do?

B:E’s Transition Specialist work with each new participant to partner with each young adult around resources and services that support each young adult in reaching their individual goals.

B:E’s Transition Specialist are someone who offers support, guidance and useful information – especially in the areas of housing, education, employment and wellness.

Your Transition Specialist can help you identify areas of your life that are working well and those you need or want to work on through coaching or crisis management.

He or she will connect you with resources and services, and help you stay on track as you move forward, checking in with you on a regular basis to see how things are going.

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Believing in a young person can make all the difference. Every one of us can contribute to the quality and health of our communities by supporting young people from foster care as they become adults. Make a difference in young people's lives.

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